Instead of designing and manufacturing all in-house, many customers refer to professional manufacturing partners as Keymate to accelerate time-to-market, better cost control and meet sustainability objectives. With respect to contract manufacturing, customer could rely on us for precision sheetmetal, machinning, die-casting and high level assembly.

Sheet Metal

We provide comprehensive sheet metal solutions from laser cutting, punching, bending, welding, and surface treatment in-house. In addition, as we have the machining in-house, it enables us to perform the task of combinations.

Every effort we made, we made it for the right product for you.


Material wise we are professional in engineering plastic, say FR4, PEEK, POM etc; Aluminium, casting part, various steel etc;

Process-wise, not only the component with precise size, also the compounded welding products which require 5-axis and gantry CNC.

Die Casting

Large die-casting machines to 2500T with ABB robotics provide high efficiency and consistency in high-quality casting parts.

Keymate is planning to invest higher tonnage machine for larger casting parts.

Welding and Framing

Welding is essential to mechanical, Keymate has been certified to ISO3834 for welding.

Large complicated welding is an art with the right welding methods, Tig, mig, laser….,  consideration of material, and super skills.

Keymate has delivered highly complicated and precise welding products like CT gantry, Semiconductor platforms, Frames, Al boxes and tubes etc.

Surface Treatment

Surface treatment has become increasingly important to mechanical production.  Being an ESG committed company, Keymate has set all the surface treatments in compliance with the regulations and requirements.

Strict control were put in place to guarantee the consistency and high quality. Tests like color-metering, salt spray etc were performed to ensure the quality.