At Keymate, we provide a wide range of services, from Design for Excellence (DfX) and mechanical manufacturing to high-level assembly and supply chain management. We recognize the challenges of complexity and solve them with professional program management, engineering resources, and supply chain management. This ensures the right product at the right time and right price.

Hi-Level Assembly (HLA)

Keymate owns the capability from simple mechanical assembly to complete product delivery. From ESD protection to functional testing, Keymate delivers what is needed.

Sophisticated assemblies like large imaging machines, surgical Robots, IVD, lab Equipment, printers, and pharmacy control were delivered to diversified customers.

R&D capability, Program Management, Engineering, Quality assurance, and Supply chain management, the safe net we have waved is to guarantee your successful delivery.

Cable Harness

High mix, low volume requirements could be extremely challenging to cable harness. In healthcare, we can’t compromise quality. To trouble shooting the insufficient supply and high cost, as the high level assembly provider, Keymate build the capability of cable assembly with IPC certification.   

Global Supply Chain Management (SCM)

The resilience we commit to you is largely rely on the supply chain management. Our supply chain management covers both vertically and horizontally. Vertically, we access to the raw material and technology needed for integration. Horizontally, we have wide access to global supply chain which is critical for the high level assembly.

Functionality & Reliability Testing

Keymate provides industrial 4.0 automated  Reliability and Functional Testing for customers by developing robotic testing modules. Should customer want the solution, Keymate is capable of test software design, UI design and testing performance.