About us

With accumulated experience, Keymate has become the leading Total Mechatronics Solution Provider who offers vertical solutions to customers including but not limited to design, mechanical manufacturing, and high-level assemblies.
The business segments we focused on are Healthcare & Instruments, Sustainable Energy, Industry & Telecom, and Semiconductors.


Our Vision:
To be the leading Total Mechatronics Solution provider for global customers.

Our Mission
Dedication, continue to provide value-added service to customers, such contribute to industrial and social progress.

Core Values

Well recognize the demand changing from customers and give agile response. Providing the best service focus on professionalism, timely delivery, quality and cost. Our customer relationship is based on commitment, mutual trust, cooperation and coordination.

Committed to create a proactive, inclusive, empowered, accountable working environment that respects and develops team and individual values, recognizes and rewards good performance.  

We focus on systematic control in process, persisting in operational excellence through PDCA and hard working.

We continuously pursuit higher goal, push the limits through innovation with scientific method.  

Total Mechatronics Solution Partner

ESG (Enviromental, Social, Governance)

At Keymate, we commit to the great course of carbon neutrality by hiring sustainable energy, using circular packages and other means available.

We actively engage with and support charities to help those in need  through volunteering, donation, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) initiatives.

We aim to be inclusive place to work for our employees, providing opportunities for learning and development, embracing diversity and inclusion, and assuring a safe and healthy work environment.

We are committed to delivering the highest-quality products, services and solutions compliant with applicable laws and standards.


We commit to operating a creative environment that supports and fosters development and fulfillment both as a team and as individuals. Initiative, sharing of ideas, empowerment, accountability and responsibility form the basis of entrepreneurial spirit . We respect and value our colleagues and recognize and reward good performance.