Niche Markets

The niche markets Keymate engaged in usually requires high quality,high reliability and regualtion compliance.
Meet or exceed customer’s expectation is the pursuit of Keymate.


Keymate has long dedicated to Healthcare & Instrument sector, served many esteemed customers for various applications from large medical equipment to complex laboratory devices.

Certified to ISO13485, helped customers in FDA registration, Keymate is experienced with the stringent requirements.

Partner with pioneering customers, we have contributed to cutting-edge technologies such as surgical robots, gene technology, high end laboratory equipments.

From design, prototype, mass production to life cycle management, Keymate serves customer with enough patience and diversified capabilities up to high level assembly.

The ultimate goal is to shaping the better world through helping our customers.

Industrial and Telecom

Robotics, Automation, Food Packaging, Pharmacy, Telecom. The industry is here with us in every aspect. Keymate provides the flexibility and expertise needed for variable manufacturing from component to complex assemblies.

Working with the segment leaders worldwide, no matter whether you need flexible business models, advanced product design, world-class manufacturing, or supply chain management, Keymate is here to support you.

Sustainable Energy

Energy is essential to people, and how to run life sustainably is a task to be taken. Keymate is devoted to the great cause not only by saving energy itself but also by participating in device manufacturing that enables millions to use energy sustainably.

To cope with the large demand, Keymate has set up the specialized capability from mechanical to assembly.


Semiconductor is the key to the next generation. Precision, clean room, complex welding, and assemblies are the standard. Keymate provides comprehensive capabilities and resilience to Semiconductors’ high requirements, high mix, and low volume demand.