Innovative ideas often company with uncertainties. To realize your ideas for the product safely and promptly, you need an experienced technology partner to assist. Our R&D capabilities offer you the solution of ID design, UI design, Mechanical design, Electrical design, Automation design, and Product design.

Numerous cases have been successfully launched in compliance with stringent requirements and regulations like FDA. Partnering with us not only solves your issue with DfM but also safeguards you to be in compliance with the regulations from the beginning.

Innovative Research Services

Industrial Design

Design gives forms to function, it is more than the form.
The art of shape, color, and shade embodies the idea and taste of the designer.


Early involvement is vital to both the customer and the supplier. It enables customers to use mature technology to realize production to avoid high costs. Keymate’s experienced engineers could provide service to DfX to assist with time-to-market and cost efficiency.

System Layout

The system layout is the structure for the product, with rational layout, the assembly would be easy and time-saving. Keymate has rich experience in design, sure we could assist in the system layout.

Mechatronics Engineering

The product is usually the combination of electrical and mechanical. Keymate’s expertise is to the mechatronic solution, especially the motion control. We have served numerous cases of mechatronic solution, like fluid control, vibration control, displacement control. Reliability test of 10,000+ times were performed for validation.  

Mechanical Engineering

Keymate enjoys the advantage of sheet metal and machining capability together. Furthermore, we have the capability of high level integration. We also could offer advice from the assembly level. The mechanical engineering keymate provide cross boundary.

Automation & Electronics Design

As industrial 4.0 provider, Keymate provide Automation & Electronics Design not only for product, but also the testing and other procedures related. In a word, it is the automated solution we are trying to provide to customers.

Value Analysis and Value Engineering (VA/VE)

With technology advancing, we always find there are better, more efficient solutions available;

Meanwhile, due to the long product life cycle, we need to address the EOL issue from time to time.

Sometimes we even face the EOL as the long life cycle support is needed. Keymate has the capability to identify and provide a solution to the issue.